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From December 2014 until November 2019 I was a member of the Applied Zoology group at the TU Dresden.

I am an evolutionary biologist and I am investigating the interaction between the mitochondrial and the nuclear genome. A fine-tuned interplay between the two genomes is of great importance as already small mismatches can lead to severe diseases and phenotypic abnormities. To learn which genes in the mitochondrial and/or the nuclear genome are responsible for the disease or phenotypic abnormity I use flies (D. melanogaster) with specific combinations of the two genomes. By investigating the effects of the specific combinations, and how they differ between the combination I can identify candidate genes that may be the trigger for the diseases. With detailed knowledge about the genes that cause the diseases it will be possible to develop therapies or cures for these diseases.


04.10.2019 – New paper out: ‘The cuticle inward barrier in Drosophila melanogaster is shaped by mitochondrial and nuclear genotypes and a sex-specific effect of diet’

18.-22.08.2018 – Poster presentation at the Evolution Meeting in Montpellier (FRA). Poster available here.

18.05.2018 – TU Dresden Press release about our paper in ‘Human Reproductive Update’.

09.09.2018 – New paper out: ‘The cytoplasm affects the epigenome in Drosophila melanogaster

11.05.2018 – New paper out: ‘A systematic review and meta-analysis reveals pervasive effects of germline mitochondrial replacement on components of health’

03.-06.09.2017 – Poster presentation at the Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution – an SMBE Satellite Meeting in Ein Gesi (ISR). Poster available here.

25.03.2016 – New paper out on ‘Heritability, evolvability, phenotypic plasticity and temporal
variation in sperm-competition success of Drosophila melanogaster

16.10.2015 – New paper out: ‘An Ecology of Sperm: Sperm Diversification by Natural Selection’

01.12.2014 – Start new position in the Applied Zoology at the TU Dresden

27.07.2013 – New paper out: ‘A meta-analysis of the strength and nature of cytoplasmic genetic

01.10.2013 – Start own group (as part of the DFG Nachwuchakademie OFFSPRing) at the University of Tübingen

29.06.2011 – New paper out on the ‘Influence of weight asymmetry and kinship on siblicidal and cannibalistic
behaviour in earwigs’

01.01.2011 – Start postdoc position in Klaus Reinhardt’s Group at the University of Tübingen